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Vegan Food on College Campuses, was written by Lindsey Siferd and Jessica Friend on August 30, 2011 by The VRG Blog Editor on the Vegetarian Resource Group website, (vrg.org). The article begins by targeting prospective college students and highlighting possible concerns they may have about the availability of vegan-friendly food accommodations. Colleges the piece discusses include, American University, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins, Loyola, Montgomery College, Salisbury, Stevenson, St. Mary’s College of MD, Towson, UMBC, University of MD- College Park, Washington College. All of which, have a handfull of accommodations as well as food options for students who are vegan.

American University’s Eco-Sense Club, a student-led organization that supports sustainability on and off campus. Members of Eco-Sense, began a campus garden to help promote eating local,  and fresh foods. Eco-Sense, also held meetings to discuss using vegetables grown in the garden as a part of the new “farm to fork” section of the Terrace Dining Room. Terrace Dining Room features wide selection of vegan foods. The campus’ staff ensures that the vegan student body is well cared for.

Further efforts are also seen on other college campuses listed previously. This is a primary example of how campuses are making an effort to support vegans as well as our beliefs.  Rather than to make us resort to picking leaves of campus, or scavenging through Wal-mart, just to find actual vegan food that is both enjoyable and palatable.

Kudos to those who have actually done this.

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